Control4 is a lifestyle solution, inspired by ideas that promise more comfort, convenience, fun, and peace of mind for their customers. They are consistently driven to find ways to live smarter. They partner with highly trained system designers and installers, such as us here at Elecmation, who share their vision and passion for smarter living.

You’ll enjoy more comfort, convenience and peace of mind. Command all things at home, whether you’re there or away: lighting, security, music, TV, and so much more!

Your home is your castle.

Imagine waking up to your favorite playlist, the shades gently rising to let the sun in, temperature adjusting to the perfect level. At work, receive a notification when the kids get home from school. With a simple voice command, dim the lights, queue a movie, and relax with the family after dinner.

Tuck the kids in and tap a button to lock the doors, turn off the lights, and set the alarm before you turn in for the evening. When everything in your smart home works together, life’s better—plain and simple.

Simplicity at its finest.

Elecmations Control4 smart home automation solutions deliver peace of mind, comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of wow. From smart locks, cameras and video door stations, intelligent lighting, and thermostats to universal remotes, stunning home theater setups, and audio offerings featuring high-resolution music that can stream in every room, Our Control4 smart living experiences can be personalized for any size home or budget