Smart Home Solutions

For Premium Smart Home Automation Solutions look no further than Elecmation. Whether you are after simple lighting or home security control or a whole package where you can control everything in your home with one remote, your smartphone or by your voice, we have the solutions.

Picture this.

You can start the day waking to a favorite playlist, blinds gently rising to let the sun in, temperature setting to the perfect level.
End of day? From the moment you enter your personalized code on your smart lock, pathway lighting illuminates to 60%, the thermostat adjusts to a desirable state, and a favorite playlist begins streaming in the most frequented areas of the home.

These are the experiences we create each and every day.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting goes far beyond beautiful switches and dimmable bulbs. It provides energy efficiency, added safety and security, custom lighting scenes, and the ability to control several smart products in your home at once with just the touch of a button.

Home Networking & WiFi

The network—your connection to the internet—is one of the most important systems in any home. Each connected device adds strain to a home network, so it is important to have a network properly built for your home size and network usage.

You want a network that is seamless, reliable, and consistently dependable. At Elecmation we will tailor your networking solution to fit your home and lifestyle.

Home Security

Your home is your castle, just like a castle you must defend it. Stay connected to your home anywhere in the world with real-time home notifications, doorbell alerts, mobile home access and control, smart home security and more

Smart Audio

Get sound you don’t just hear, but also experience. Play it how you like it. MQA high resolution streaming, favourite vinyl or your own media files. Play it in one room or multiple rooms simultaneously. From custom soundbars painted to match your wall colour and width of your TV, to outdoor landscape audio experiences. We can customise a audio solution to suit your home and lifestyle.

Smart Video

Multi-room smart video connects all TVs in your home together, hiding away technology while still giving you quick access to all your content. You can also easily stream a station or movie in multiple rooms at the same time—perfect for entertaining.

Climate and Blinds

Never feel uncomfortable in your home again. We can control the climate in your home integrating your heating and cooling systems to work automatically and remotely. Control your blinds either wirelessly or wired, schedule times for them to open or close each day so you never have to touch them again. If your away from home on a hot day, have the blinds close and the air conditioner automatically turn on to your desired temperature, providing great comfort and energy efficiency

Home Theater

Watch your favourite movie like your sitting in the directors chair. From a dedicated room with a projector to a media room with a large flat panel display. Accompany with a large selection of our Triad Home theater speakers range from in-ceiling and in-wall to in-room and on-wall. Elecmation can design and install a custom home theater to suit your room, preferences and budget.

Power Management & Protection

Protect your equipment from unwanted and unpredictable grid voltages supply and spikes.

Power management gives your system the ability for self healing. When a device becomes unresponsive a simple reset will do the trick and our devices can do this automatically. Power management also makes sure that in the event of a restart to your system, every device is powered on in the correct order. This ensuring your devices connect correctly.

Integrated Control System

A smart home operating system (OS) is a software platform that connects the many different types of technology in your home together to make devices easily accessible and customizable. The Control4 Smart Home OS enables you and your family to control nearly every device and system in the house in ways that are easy and fun to use.

Control your home how you like it via touchscreen, tablet, remote, keypad and app access for a seamless control experience.

Total Home Control

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